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Is it possible to add scroll bars to plugin windows that are too tall/wide to fit on the current screen?

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asked Dec 5, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by jascouk (350 points)
I'm noticing more and more VST instruments being released where the GUI will simply not fit on a standard 1366x768 laptop screen (e.g. Codex, Predator 2, Serum [unless you hide the keyboard]) inside Studio One. Studio One will just chop the bottom off such instruments. A scroll bar would make much more sense in these situations. This is especially frustrating when the plugin *nearly* fits but for the waste of vertical space in the Studio One plugin menu bar.

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answered Jan 11, 2017 by mattcaprio (146,730 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

If anyone else agrees or disagrees, then please vote it up, or down. 

To vote:

In agreement click on the little blue triangle pointing up.

In disagreement click on the little blue triangle pointing down.

The developers pay close attention to those that are voted on the most. 

You are allowed one vote. 

Just viewing and agreeing but not clicking on the vote does not help the issue. 

Please click on one or the other. 

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answered Dec 11, 2016 by matthewgorman (51,050 points)
Thank you for your input into the development of Studio One.