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Is it possible to connect 2 or 3 Presonus Faderport 8 in cascade, to sum 16 or 24 faders?

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asked Mar 20 in FaderPort 8 Feature Requests by juanjosalazar (260 points)
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I want to setup 2 faderport for 16 faders.

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answered Mar 22 by AlexTinsley (265,190 points)
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Not Natively. Meaning just plug them in and Studio One will see them and use them as a cascaded system. This presently is a feature request. I will move this question to the FaderPort 8 Feature Request area.

You can cascade FaderPort 8's using HUI or MCU mode, you'll have to set them to that function in the setup screen on the Faderport 8 itself. Then use the HUI setup screen in Studio One (or your favorite DAW) to order them accordingly.