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How do I get my AudioBox 1818 VSL headphones and main outs working at the same time in Logic?

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asked Apr 10 in AudioBox Series by Jamesrhone1 (136,210 points)
Since the VSL Console has been discontinued, I don't know how to hear audio from my AudioBox 1818 VSL headphone and main outs at the same time in Logic.

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answered Apr 10 by Jamesrhone1 (136,210 points)
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Open Logic, and go to Audio I/O Assignments. 

Set the Output to "Output 7-8".  Outs 7&8 on the AudioBox 1818 VSL will allow you to monitor from the headphone jack. 

To also be able to hear audio from outs 1&2 at the same time, please a check mark beside "Mirroring".