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Audio Recording Disabled no matter what I do! Help!

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asked Apr 17 in Studio One 3 by hughross (150 points)
I have the Presonus Audiobox USB and have installed Studio One 3.  When I start up Studio One it says "Audi Recording Disabled."  So I go to my Options/Audio Setup, and try to select Audio Box USB as the device and it says the "device Audiobox ha failed to start correctly before.  Do you want to try it again?"  I say yes, and it could not be initialized.  Please check hardware configuration and try again.  And it will ONLY let me choose Windows Audio as the device to be used.  I have tries uninstalling and reinstalling, different USB ports when reinstalling, uninstalled and reinstalled and went back to the first USB port, and nothing changes.

What do I do?

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answered Apr 18 by butchrichard (38,500 points)
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Your AudioBox may be faulty.

Test on another computer.  If your AudioBox will not work regardless of cables, connections or computers, then assume it is faulty.

Have it exchanged from where you purchased it or contact Presonus for repairs.