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Some thirdparty VST plguins do not show up.

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asked Apr 19 in Studio One 3 by joeprange (240 points)
I am switch from a different DAW to Studio one. So i have set up Studio one to look for VST plugins in my VST plugin folder. Most of the plugins are now im my instrument and plugin list however few are missing. I checked back an they are in the correct folder and my other DAW is able to read them from this location.

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answered Apr 19 by AlexTinsley (372,990 points)
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What you are most likely running into is 32-bit plug-ins not running in 64-Bit. 

Knowledge Base Article on that Topic here

Feature Request Thread here:

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answered Apr 22 by dennisrenirie (460 points)
i had the same problem, till I found out that I tried to use older 32bit plugins on a 64bit mac system.

I would have been nice to see a message about that in the program though (in stead of not showing up), then you know whats going on... now its a guessing game.

maybe this helps