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Virtual instruments go out of tune with each other after recording 2nd or 3rd track

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asked May 10 in Studio One 3 by joesparks1 (180 points)
I am new to Studio One 3 Artist, but a 30 year vet of DAWs. Never seen this in 30 years: I record with one instrument (like, Mai Tai or Impact), then record on a new track with a 2nd (or 3rd) instrument, and each track is about a half-step out of tune with the other. Does not matter which instrument/synth, they all go out of tune within 5 minutes or my 2nd or 3rd track. This is the fourth new doc/song I've tried, 4th restart, etc.. Driving me insane. Not using pitch bend. Please help me, Studio One pros! What am I doing wrong?

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answered May 10 by joesparks1 (180 points)
I managed to get an instrument back in tune by clicking the pitch bend wheel UI on the instrument panel/window. (next to the virtual keyboard that appears below the instrument settings). All was well until I starting recording vocals. After a few tracks (going well), suddenly the whole mix became strangely out of tune with the vocals, like someone poured molasses on the mix. I'm beginning to wonder if this is a Windows 10 Creators update issue, because while I was testing the mic, up pops Bing browser with the words I just uttered in the search box: WTF.

Does anyone have any related tips for setting up Windows 10 to play nice with Studio One 3?