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Crossgrade avaiable w/ receipt for discounted upgrade to most recent version of other DAW?

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asked Aug 6 in Studio One 3 by adamcovey (150 points)
I recently upgraded my license for Reason to 9.5, and I no longer have any proof of purchase from the original version I bought some years ago. Is the E-receipt for the upgrade sufficient for qualifying for crossgrade discount? It says "purchased or equivalent version" on the crossgrade info page, so I assume an upgrade counts as "equivalent," since it is still ownership of the full version of the DAW above the minimum version number, but I just want to be clear - strongly considering S1v3pro for my next studio purchase and possible main DAW - Reason is a great toolbox, but the sequencer still feels limited and CPU optimization for the recent VST support is not great - and crossgrading would make it much more affordable. Many thanks.

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answered Aug 7 by PreSonuSupt4 (137,270 points)
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Hi Adam,

Send an email to along with any info about the product you have to see if it's sufficient.   They will make the determination.