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Request for EQ/Comp/Gate/Limmiter on a DAW channel in UC Surface (Studio 192) and General EQ

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asked Aug 9 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by viacheslavchernyshev (250 points)
Just bought a new Presonus Studio 192 and it was a very sad surprise for me that Studio 192 dosen't have EQ/Comp/Gate/Limmiter on a DAW channel in UC Surface.
It is double time sad because there were such FX on me old VSL1818 in Virtual Studio Live!
I play a very small gigs most of a time, and S.192 is a super good option for me and my sound engineer.
I play different multichannel backing tracks from my DAW and for my sound engineer it's a wonderful thing to have flexible control on them just the same as he has on my vocal and guitar!
SL 192 is a flagman, and it's strange not to have such option as there were in previouse series.
I saw there was a question about General EQ, and it is very very sad that it's still not solved!
I'm beggin! Please, let it come true that Presonus Studio 192 will do have GEQ and eq/comp/lim/gate on DAW channels!

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answered Aug 10 by butchrichard (94,480 points)
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The Studio 192 does indeed support FAT channel processing in Universal Control.

Please ensure that you have installed the current version of UC.

You can find all available UC drivers on the product page here.

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answered Aug 10 by viacheslavchernyshev (250 points)

As I see it doesn't have FAT channel on DAW channel as it was on VSL1818, and still no GEQ =(

And it's the latest version, same on MAC and Windows 10, and same on my iPad and XiaoMi RedmiPro

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answered Aug 10 by viacheslavchernyshev (250 points)

And for the proof here is VSL1818 picture