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improved Sample editing features of Impact

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asked Aug 21 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by baseliner (370 points)
The sample editing in the top of Impacts Gui is not exact/fine enough in my opinion. One reason is the small window, when longer drumloops are loaded. Its hard to adjust the start/end points of the regions.

A slice to Impact (Drummachine) feature with automatically generated Subtracks like in Ableton or Bitwig woul be great.
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answered Nov 16 by SkeetSkillz (880 points)
yes there should be an option to send it to the edit window allowing more options like reverse etc...
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answered Aug 27 by derylpresberry (380 points)
You wasting your breath, the community @ kissers don't see a problem with this, therefore

presonus management won't either