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Add search functionality for tracks. Show only those tracks which match the search.

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asked Aug 29, 2017 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by valeriedaria (270 points)
I have missed having a search box above the tracks, to show the tracks when searching by track name. So if I search for "trumpet" it will show only those tracks which include the word "trumpet."

This is a feature I have seen on Digital Performer, and it is a huge timesaver for those who use large orchestral templates, to avoid the constant scrolling.

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answered Sep 3, 2017 by juliuscancun2013 (1,180 points)

Yes, yes, yes! This was the main reason for trying out Digital Performer (and Reaper). OK, I got back to S1 but this is definitely one of my favorite feature requests. S1 has so many options to customize it via keyboard shortcuts but you cannot even activate a saved scene with the keyboard. no