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Cant watch youtube or use spotify while using my audiobox iTwo

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asked Sep 11 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by jonasjohanson (200 points)
I just installed my PreSonus AudioBox iTwo. It Works on my Windows and with my daw. But when i want to play a song on spotify or video on youtube, the video cant load, its just freezes. When i choose another audio source on my computer, the video or song will load. What is the problem?

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answered Sep 12 by donaldbaarns (2,410 points)

Try this and let me know:

No matter which interface you're using, temporarily change to "Windows Audio", open the "Control Panel" and UN-check the "Exclusive Mode" check box. 

Change your settings back to your interface and in most cases it will allow other apps to use the interface while S1 is open and/or playing audio. 

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answered Sep 12 by jonasjohanson (200 points)
Nope, it don´t work. Youtube videos freezes and spotify won´t play tracks when i have my audiobox as my audio source.. But my FL studio works fine when i produce music.
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answered Sep 13 by donaldbaarns (2,410 points)
I'm assuming you have the latest Universal Controller installed?

Which version of Windows?

I have clients with that interface and we're able to run S1 and have audio work with YouTube, iTunes, and other audio programs, even when S1 is active.

Something about your config, but it would require additional details to figure out why your config isn't allowing that.
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answered Sep 14 by jonasjohanson (200 points)
Yes i have the latest version of the universall controller.

and i have the latest update on windows 10 aswell. Windows version 1703 and os version 15063.608