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Some Notes Are Not Being Triggered After Update To

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asked Sep 27 in Studio One 3 by (680 points)
Studio One was working fairly well (a few crashes here and there, but nothing concerning), until I upgraded to the latest version (as of this writing).  After the upgrade, I have noticed that a lot of notes from various instruments that use the piano roll are not being triggered.  The notes appear on the grid, but are simply not triggered.  This issue appears to be universal, happening in all instruments that are being triggered from the "piano roll", including everything from the included SampleOne instrument to 3rd party VSTs, such as A.N.A. and TAL Elektro.  Audio files (such as recorded vocal, guitar, and bass guitar parts) are all playing, just fine.

System specs:  Intel Core i7-4790K (4.0 GHz), 16 GB RAM, 2 TB hard drive with 1.26 TB free, Windows 10 Pro.

Any ideas what might cause this and a possible work-around?

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answered Nov 14 by PreSonuSupt4 (132,170 points)
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If you are referring to midi notes dropping out in 3.5.2 we are aware of this issue and it’s being addressed.   We appreciate your patience.  

In the interim, you can download and install 3.5.1 again from your user account, the Previous Versions link.   


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answered Sep 30 by karstenvogt (900 points)
I have a similar problem here on Windows with the same update. I have a bar that plays perfectly and with the 2nd run of the loop some notes just won't play. When hitting stop and play again everything works fine again. With the 2nd iteration of the loop still missing notes. It's not a problem of the instrument. The problem occurs in Kontakt, Sylenth 1, MaiTai etc.

It seems to occur with certain song tempos. Try increasing the song tempo by 1 bpm.

Windows 10 and

I can replicate the problem with an empty song, adding one instance of MaiTai, looping one bar of 4th notes (like a kick drum) at 90 bpm. Some notes won't get played. I'll open a support ticket. This seems to be broken.
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answered Oct 17 by christophrager (300 points)
Same here. Regardless of the vst, looping won't play some note from the second run on. A hard bug as it seems...
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answered Oct 2 by leylandclopton (570 points)
Im having the same exact issue on Yosemite 10.10.5. Never happened before the update.
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answered Oct 5 by kirkwhetton (490 points)
Happening to me also, but only first bar of the track, I've not started the composition part yet, so only using 1 bar for adding parts to the track, moving across to the second bar is fine.
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answered Oct 11 by marcohoppe (180 points)

Same thing here. Regardless of the starting bar the event occurs.
OS X 10.11.6, Studio One Professional OSX x64 

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answered Oct 12 by jamieshea (210 points)
Same here
attempted multiple tries to get it to reload right and always the same deal.  Misses some notes on the bass drum, some on the kick, some on the snare and clap.  Seem random and always on the second loop through and every other loop thereafter, occassionally on the third, fifth, 7th, etc, loop but not as bad as on the 2nd, 4th, etc.
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answered Oct 21 by sharodjames (190 points)
Same here... help!!!!!
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answered Oct 20 by terrancejohnson (730 points)

Same problem here.nono  C'mon Presonus, we need the fix asap!

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answered Oct 24 by lapidar (210 points)
Same problem on my side. Can we expect an answer from Presonus except the default approach of deleting the settings folder?
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answered Oct 26 by barrygalvin1 (170 points)
Selecting the non-playing note and moving it a bit worked for me. Until it gets fixed properly. Also saw it do a low velocity version of the note when velocity was actually 100.
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answered Nov 14 by jasonbrown19 (830 points)

I just updated to this version and immediately began having the precise problem that everyone is explaining here, I'm on a Mac with everything up to date.

I cannot believe that something this basic wasn't detected and rectified before this update was released to all of us as it's obviously an issue!

Every time I seem to finally get into a bit of a flow with this software after having to work through near constant issues with it, yet another issue arises and it is so energy sapping and a huge creativity killer that I kind of wish I'd never switched DAWs and spent over half a year learning and moving over to Studio One 3.

Apologies for the rant but it angers me that such basic issues are constantly allowed to fall through the testing net to then ruin valuable studio/writing time.

Please fix this Presonus as the original poster wrote this message nearly 2 months ago and NOTHING has been done!

Take it easy everyone,

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answered Oct 28 by keithsewell (150 points)
Having the same issue here random notes stop triggering after quantization or when i record them and loop the bars for playback.
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answered Oct 28 by (680 points)
Since a lot of people have responded with the same issue, I will issue an update as to what has been happening, on my end.  The problem still exists, so I submitted a ticket request to the PreSonus knowledge base, including a summary of my system specs and settings.  If I receive any information that might help solve the issue, for all of you, I will forward what I find, here.  Good luck!
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answered Oct 29 by (680 points)
UPDATE:  I installed the previous version of Studio One, side-by-side with the newest version.  Interestingly enough, the problem continues to exist in the newest version (, but the problem does NOT exist in the previous version (  I will likely uninstall version and just wait until the next update... hoping that PreSonus has fixed the issue.  Hope this helps everybody get your songs working, again.
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answered Oct 29 by peterrundgren (600 points)
Same here on a Mac, latest versions of everything... :-(

Random notes doesn't trigger sometimes. Bounce to audio saved me this time but I'll guess it's back to working in other DAWs until it gets fixed.
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answered Oct 31 by natureshadow (180 points)

This happens to me as well. I use the sequencer, and it seems to happen on the first note of the 2nd measure of the 4th bar. It only occurs when the track is played from the very beginning, regardless of whether you click there manually, use the button within the software, or use a shortcut. It then will miss the first note of the 3rd measure of the 7th bar, and then the first note of the 1st measure of the 14th bar.

Changing the BPM up by 1, as karstenvogt suggested, fixed the problem for me (it was 104 bpm, I pushed it up to 105).

This error, for me, can be recreated by:
Creating a new song, adding a instrument to a precreated track (from my template, but it did this to me before I started using a template), creating a midi event, enabling the sequencer, and using my midi controller to sequence notes, then duplicate the event, then playing the arrangement from the beginning.

Thanks again to karstenvogt, for the hotfix. I definitely recommend trying this fix if you're having this issue.

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answered Nov 1 by natureshadow (180 points)
You can also force this effect by lowering the bpm with stretch enabled while the song is playing. To fix it, you can just bump the bpm up by 1 again. Very odd bug.
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answered Nov 7 by marcjackson1 (200 points)
He's Presonus even explained what they're doing about this? This is very frustrating and has been going on a while now. I would really like a fix because I'm having all kinds of issues when I roll back for some reason.
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answered Nov 8 by jaywelter (140 points)
Happening here, too.  Frustrating.  I wanted to create, today and find this.  What exactly did I pay for?  Really upset and will immediately start testing other DAWs.  Not cool.
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answered Nov 10 by Eardrums (380 points)

Same here after the latest update to 3.5.2

i missed a deadline because of it ....angry

Specs: S1 v3 pro - macpro 5,1 - El capitan & CS18ai

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answered Nov 13 by jointcustody2 (270 points)

Temporary Fix:

Right click your midi track loop and click "bounce to track" and it will create an audio file of said loop. This also helps free up CPU during playback and will dissolve any non-triggering issues as there is nothing left to trigger. Any edits can be made by unmuting the original midi loop, placing edits, and then right clicking and bouncing to track again.

Sorry guys but this is the best temporary solution I could come up with to fix this. It's a pain. "Refreshing my application settings" didn't work as the presonus tech suggested. I think its just a bug and we'll have to wait for a patch.


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answered Nov 16 by keysdude (310 points)
Same issue here. Ugh! Back to Cubase and Logic for now until fixed. Disappointing.