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Can not hear the FX from 24.4.2 AI mixer after recording with studio one Pro.

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asked Oct 9 in Ai Mixers by robertfolle (140 points)
recategorized Oct 9 by robertfolle
When using the built in FX in 24.4.2 AI mixer I hear them fine live.  After I record with studio one Pro there is no FX in the recording.  I dialed in the FX with the mix buttons and on the track I am recording to. Coming back to my 2 track in return with the digital return button pressed.  Everything else works fine recording with plug ins.

Also, tried using the aux 1 out to an external FX back to the Aux input again using the dial in button and mix control on the recording channel but the same results as above?  Can you use these internal (Mixer FX and external to be recorded on the tracks?

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