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Can we get an instant record button which activates as soon as a pad or key is pressed?

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asked Oct 10 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by cramzburry (170 points)

Yesterday at 23:33

I don’t know if this is possible in S1V3 PRO, but in the Roland MV8800 and I think the Roland Fantom -S there is a function that lets you activate the record button and as soon as you press any keys or pads it starts recording. That function is much needed I hope this is added in the future it’s so much quicker and better than click track Recording because at times click track doesn’t pick  up the first note pressed. I hope I articulated what I meant to say clearly and that we can make this happen

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answered Oct 15 by cramzburry (170 points)
I didn’t  mean to say click track pardon me for that.