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Permanent display of multi out put tracks (ie: Kontakt) in the arranger window

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asked Oct 11 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by williamburdis (140 points)
Another request for the ability to see multi out tracks from vsti's such as Kontakt et all as DISCREET tracks in the arrange window.

These should be in a group or folder or expand/collapsable. The same system should also be in the mix window. I realise that it's not best to compare other DAW's but the way Logic does this is really what we need.

This is a great DAW - I really mean it - but I simply can't work with it for anything like a orchestral piece with the current system. I hope enough people agree with this for it to be seriously considered. We really need this, and  It would attract more people, especially with Notion.

Thanks very much to the great Studio One team.


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