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Correct Update of Masterfiles when using Superior Drummer (Samples at the Start of the song are not fully loaded)

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asked Oct 11 in Studio One 3 by sebastianbrocke (160 points)
I have a project which all use superior drummer for the drum sounds (but i expect other sample based plugins to have a similar problem).

When updating the master files in the project page the samples are not fully loaded so the start of the song misses e.g. kick, snare etc.
I manually opend all the songs in the background so all samples are loaded now, but i can't update the master files ("all master files are up todate" in german)

Is there a way to update the master files withouth saving?
Or better: in the next update integrate an option to check wheather all samples have been loaded or integrate a user adjustable timer before export begins (e.g. 30s or so). This way all samples get loaded and 10 minuits more for updating the master files won't bother me while drinking a coffee or two ;)

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answered Dec 1 by PreSonuSupt4 (137,290 points)
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Check version 3.5.3 to see if anything improves in that regard.  If not, maybe consider committing to audio in your song file to avoid a song them having to load any samples when the master project requests a mix update.