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Export Studio One Markers

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asked Oct 19 in Studio One 3 by benholmes (280 points)
Hi All

Stupid question I am sure but is there a way to export the Markers in studio one 3.5 to enable me to import them into another studio one 3.5 song?



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answered Oct 19 by PreSonuSupt4 (132,170 points)
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Not currently the way you want.   Open both songs, drag select and copy all of the markers from the first song and then click in the marker lane in the second song and Paste at Original Position.

Studio One will export it's markers in midi files with File > Save As... (midi) ... but those files and markers cannot be merged into existing songs.

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answered Oct 19 by benholmes (280 points)
Brilliant thanks.  That is good enough.

Thanks for the quick response