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Show Plugin Power Indicator in Red When Bypassed in Low Latency Monitoring

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asked Oct 20, 2017 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by Funkybot (16,950 points)

It would make much more sense visually if plugins being bypassed due to high latency (>5ms) had a red power indicator. That would mean green = enabled, and red = bypassed in low latency mode. It's much more intuitive.

Current State:

Normal Monitoring: Blue = Plugin Enabled

Low Latency Monitoring: Green = Plugin Enabled, Blue = Plugin Disabled (this can be confusing because blue means enabled in the other mode)

Proposed Future-State:

Normal Monitoring: Blue = Plugin Enabled

Low-Latency Monitoring: Green = Plugin Enabled, Red = Plugin Bypassed

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answered Oct 21, 2017 by niles (42,820 points)
edited Oct 22, 2017 by niles

I agree a visual indication for > 3ms inserts residing in a (partial) low latency path is a must. I think red is a little confusing though.

A plugin with a latency > 3ms, residing in a low latency monitoring path, is not being bypassed, it just isn't mirrored as monitor FX on the low latency path (in the background). So a > 3ms insert residing on a bus that is processing a low latency (monitored) and high latency (playback) signal, still processes the high latency signal. So it not entirely stopped processing and therefor the color red may be misleading.

In the example below the > 3 ms latency insert (blinking) on the Bus (3), still processes the signal from the high latency channel (2), while it temporarily does not process the low latency channel (1), because it (the > 3ms insert) is not duplicated to the Monitor FX channel of the low latency path.