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Bluetooth playback issue Mac OS

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asked Oct 29, 2017 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by (140 points)
I need to be able to use a small bluetooth speaker (JBL Flip 2) with Studio One 3 to play some sound on the go for actors during a video shoot.

I like the convenience of markers, transport, etc... Make it mucch more efficient than using iTunes!!

I can select my bluetoth speaker in the Audio Device Set Up. It does indicate 44.1 Khz - 128 sample. My "song" is 44.1kHz

But when I open the song and hit play, The playback speed is wrong. It sounds like it's a Slow motion (I can see the seconds counter going at least 4 times slower)

I presume its a sampling freq. issue due to bluetooth. I've also tried a 48 KHz song sampling frequency. Same bad result...

Does anybody achieve to make this specific audio setting work?

Thanks for your help!

1 Answer

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answered Oct 30, 2017 by donaldbaarns (7,470 points)
My first guess: It has nothing to do with that speaker.

Have/can you test it with other speakers? (Either the built-in, or headphones, or something hard wired as a test.)

IF it plays the same in other speakers, then we can figure out what setting needs to be tweaked in S1.

Are you importing music or audio into tracks for playback, or are you recording and playing back in S1?