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CS18ai losing connection mid performance

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asked Oct 29, 2017 in StudioLive CS18Ai by geoffschoeffel1 (120 points)
I've been using the CS18ai with an RM32 in small venues for quite a problems. Yesterday was the first time in a large, crowded network environment. We had 3 shows, and all three times the CS18ai lost connection mid-set. RM32 still passed audio, but the CS18ai said there was no mixer connected.

We were using an average Netgear router that the CS18 and Rm32 were hardwired into. In addition to that, we usually have an ipad connected to the RM32, but last night when the CS18 got locked out, so did the ipad.

What could cause these problems? The router isn't great, but it was hidden. Any suggestions?

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answered Nov 3, 2017 by mr16track (480 points)

I think there might be a problem with IP Address conflicts.  I have two systems, one RM32AI and RML32AI, each with their own CS18AI.
I was running with the RML32 and CS18 connected direct with a cat5 cable, and the mixer was connected to my router with the USB WiFi dongle, so I could run my iPad and Microsoft Surface too.  If you watch the videos posted below, you'll see they lose connection.  First the tablet lost connection, then as it was trying to reconnect, the CS18 lost connection.  The video doesn't show it, but the Surface loses connection too, and when it tries to reconnect, there are two mixers shown to select from, each with their own IP Address, even though there's only one mixer. (I didn't get that on the video...) The iPad would not reconnect without restarting the UC Surface app completely.  Once I did that, while it was trying to connect, the CS18 dropped out.  The only way to get everything to connect again is to reboot the mixer, which I couldn't do in the middle of a show.  I ended up shutting the tablets off, and running the rest with just the CS18.  It kept dropping out intermittently, but would reconnect as long as the tablets were off.  I have had these problems since I got them in March.  It is such a heart sinking feeling when you lose all control of your mix!!!  I love the mixers: when they work!

How do you hook up to a hidden network?  PreSonus says that's not possible.  I'm going to try getting a high power outdoor WiFi repeater.  But honestly, you'd think hooking directly with a cat5 cable would be rock-solid, and it's not.  There is some kind of conflict going on that is causing these problems...

From the PreSonus Instructions:
"In order for the mixer to connect to a wireless network, it must be able to see the wireless network. Make sure your router is set to broadcast the wireless network SSID (the wifi network name). If the SSID is hidden, the mixer will not be able to connect to that network, even if it has connected to it previously.


Here's the videos...