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Using the tape out for streaming audio

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asked Nov 2 in Classic Mixers by TrinityatBadger (150 points)

I am getting our Church setup to do Facebook live, using the sound from our StudioLive 24.4.2.  I've seen questions on this issue with suggestions using stereo XLR/TRS outs, the XLR mono out, the CR out and/or a Aux out. However, I am basically using all of those outs in other ways. I am wondering if the tape out could be used? Is the tape out basically the main mix (post- everything)? Is there a way to adjust the volume of the tape out (I see it is set a +18 dB)?

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answered Nov 13 by Michael Martin (61,260 points)
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The Tape Out mirrors the Main LR Bus, Post Fader.

There is no output control for the Tape Out.

+18 dB refers to it's maximum output level before distortion.