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Thanks for the answer but not what i meant, my fault.

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asked Nov 7 in Studio One 3 by anthonycoy (220 points)
So i can drag a midi file onto a track and it plays fine. I can also drag a vst instrument to create a new track and play it with my midi controller. Both of those work independently.What i need them to do is work together. I want say Massive to work with the midi files i programmed. Automation. Instead of the midi playing from that databank, i want it to play with my komplete vsts.

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answered Nov 8 by Jamesrhone1 (153,640 points)
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Place Massive or other VSTi on a track, then put the MIDI file on the Massive track.

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asked Nov 8 in Studio One 3 by anthonycoy (220 points) That's what I'm trying to do.