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Studio One 3 Artist and EZ Drummer 2 ??

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asked Nov 9 in Studio One 3 by andyfaint (420 points)

I currently have Studio One 3 Prime and Pro Plug in Bundle.

Running on Windows 10 64 bit

I downloaded a trial of EZ Drummer 2 and it looks great.

Im considering buying a bundle that includes Studio One 3 Artist software so I can use EZ drummer.

I have read on some forums Studio One 3 Artist wont recognise EZ Drummer 2??

Don't wanna purchase the two if it wont work!

Any help gratefully received.

3 Answers

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answered Nov 9 by benwool (240 points)
For what it's worth, I'm using EZ Drummer 2 with Studio One 3 Professional and it works fine.
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answered Nov 9 by andyfaint (420 points)

but the Pro version is different to Artist?
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answered Nov 9 by benwool (240 points)
Yes, they are different, but I can't tell you for sure whether the difference affects compatibility with EZ Drummer or not. If no-one can give you a definitive answer, I'd suggest going on the Presonus website where I think there's a product comparison between the different version of Studio One.