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QMix v.44934 not connecting to RML32AI using v.9144

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asked Nov 13 in Ai Mixers by stephanjerde (160 points)
We picked up a new Android tablet to run QMix on one of the channels of our RML32AI. (Firmware .9244) GooglePlay gave us v. We are connecting to the router fine, but it can't find the mixer. We still have 3 Android tablets that connect, all running We allowed GooglePlay to update one of them to .44934, and now it will no longer connect, either.

I don't know where to go from here. I can't figure out how to roll back to .41911 and I'm hesitant to update anything else and have nothing working on Sunday. Any suggestions?


1 Answer

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answered Nov 13 by stephanjerde (160 points)
My bad. It's v.9244, not .9144. Small type and aging eyes..