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How about developing a looper for live shows or improving recording workflaw?

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asked Nov 13 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by juliensimoni (150 points)
Hi, I think you really should develop a looper (like a boss pedal or the looper of ableton live). I mean basicaly a mappable fonction that once the stop button pressed, the recording stops and automatically strats recording again in a second track while activating a loop of the size of the precedent recording regardless of the tempo the project is on I think that would ease the recording process a lot. If I want to do that with studio one I need to set the loop in advance or I can do loop of selection mode but then it won't start recording on an other track till I press record again... in both cases just not possible to use it as a looper on stage.

My friends tells me just to go on ableton live like everybody else for the stage, but I do believe in your software sounds a lot better than anything else but if it could be a bit more stage oriented I think everybody would use it. Now musicians record at home no one wants to use a different software for stage and the studio.

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