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My laptop does'nt find my audio device, what to do here?

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asked Nov 22, 2017 in AudioBox Series by laurensbronsveld (260 points)
I've got a Presonus Audiobox, but my Windows 10 laptop doesn't find it in the control panel. When I want to configure audio devices in studio one, it says: The audio device AudioBox could not be initialized. Please check your hardware configuration and try again.I don't know what to do here, I've got it hooked up to my latpop with a USB cable.

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answered Nov 23, 2017 by donaldbaarns (7,130 points)
I assume you've installed the Universal Controller (UC) software?

Without it, Windows won't see the Audiobox. Install the UC, reboot windows.
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answered Nov 24, 2017 by laurensbronsveld (260 points)
Thank you for your reply. I have installed the UC, indeed. It doesn't work though.