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Studio One 4 Pitch Correction (like Logic X & now Reason 9.5/10)

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asked Nov 28 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by leandromontedacosta (110 points)


Been using this beast of a DAW for 2 years now and i am in love with it! :)

My only request for Version 4 is for yall to PLEASE add the Pitch correction functionality just like Logic X has and now even Reason 9.5 has it.

Very simple to use. very straight forward. very intuitive. makes life so much easier....all you do is click on it, go to piano roll, snap pitch to grid or manual and adjust what you need...HAPPINESS FOR DAYS!

could you please be so kind and add this feature to the latest version of studio one when it comes out of course.

Im sure thousands and thousands of users would love you even more if this feature was in there...

you see, spending upwards of 400 or 600 or even 800 usd on 3rd party VSTs for such basic functions these days isnt really a 2018 thing hehehe ;)

you usually do a great job at listening to your customers! Thank you anyways!

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answered Nov 30 by TRevMFB (1,990 points)
This feature isn’t going to happen with the seamless integration StudioOne has with Melodyne itself. I too was wanting this feature as a long time previous Cubase user and using the built in Vari and Warp audio feature for pitch correction. Yet even up to the current Cubase version the results are not as good as Melodyne itself. Melodyne Essentials is included with StudioOne professional and the upgrade to Melodyne Editior isn’t too pricy. The seamless integration alone saves on session time compared to using Melodyne on other DAWs.
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answered Nov 28 by joeljossie (1,650 points)
You do realize Melodyne Essentials is integrated and included with Studio One Professional, right?