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Monitor mixes keep changing during a gig

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asked Dec 3, 2017 in Classic Mixers by paulyates (120 points)
1. FOH engineer is mixing using an iPad, his permissions are set to FOH, nothing else.

2. We arrive at a good mix monitor via soundcheck - 4 out of 5 muso's using Q-Mix

3. Band return to stage some time later for performance, desk is unmuted via FOH ipad and various levels have changed in the monitors for two or more musicians.

4. Monitors are adjusted accordingly - all is well.

5. Band leave stage and upon return for the second set the scenario from number three is repeated.

What is going on here? The desk is fully up to date, as are the remote devices. The engineer has actually watched some monitor faders move by themselves on various occassions....

Please help...

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