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BUG - Effect Thumbnails Not Preserved When VST Manufacturer Has a '.' In the Name

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asked Dec 3, 2017 in Studio One 3 by tomboughner (350 points)

Whenever I create a new thumbnail for an Izotope or UAD plugin, all of the other thumbnails for plugins from these vendors disappear after a reload of Studio One.  My Snapshots folder still contains all of the thumbnails, however.  I believe the issue is that the UAD and Izotope plugins all have their VST Manufacturer field set to "Universal Audio, Inc." or "Izotope, Inc.".  Windows doesn't allow periods at the end of folder names, so the folders where the thumbnails are stored end up being called "Universal Audio, Inc" and "Izotope, Inc".  This seems to throw Studio One off when loading the thumbnails, as it probably looks for a folder name that exactly matches the vendor name.  Should be an easy fix - just remove periods (and possibly other illegal folder name characters) from the vendor ID when searching for the correct folder.

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