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Why Can't I hear Anything on Studio One 3 Coming from my Mic?

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asked Dec 6 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by demidevaux (120 points)
So I just bought the AudioBox USB 96, and it came with the Studio One 3. I have set it up and now I've been trying to connect my mic to it. It is connected to the audio box, and so are the headphones. But, when I press record I don't hear anything, only static. At first, the sound was coming from my laptop and the mic that was being used was my laptops. Also, when I move around I hear a sharp noise coming from the software like when a phone is too close to another phone when they are on the same call. Anyway, I am using the 2016 Macbook (Not the pr0 or anything else, just the macbook). The audiobox's power light is on and I can hear static in the headphones, it's just mainly the mic that I am having trouble with. It is the BADAAX Gold Diaphragm Condenser Microphone.I have tried putting on the 48V and adjusting the Inputs but still nothing.

Thank you In advance!


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