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Split a event into portions of equal length like in logic

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asked Dec 6 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by frankrasmussen (340 points)

Split a region into portions of equal length

  • Hold down Option while cutting a region with the Scissors tool.

    A plus sign appears next to the Scissors tool.


    The selected region is cut into several pieces—each the same length as the first segment.


    For example, to divide a 16-bar region into eight 2-bar regions, cut the region at the start of bar 3, while holding down Option.

    I find this a way better implementation than using the split at grid option.  Of course it should be available when using the range selection tool so you wouldn't have to switch to the split tool. But anyway would be better.

    I'm quite new in studio one so it might be possible, but as far as I can see there's no option for 2/1 or 4/1 etc. in the quantize menu. So if you want to split a 4 minute event into equal pieces of 3 or 5 bars or anything larger than 1 bar the split at grid function is not working? 

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