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1818VSL can't switch samplerate - has UC 2.5.0 and firmware 1.49

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asked Dec 7, 2017 in AudioBox USB by joshuakarjala-svendsen (120 points)
My Audiobox 1818VSL right now can only run at 44.1khz.

It is plugged into a MBP running High Sierra. This machine has never had any Audiobox devices installed before - so no old drivers.

Have installed Universal Control 2.5 and my device shows up. Whenever I try to change the samplerate to something other than 44.1khz - the device disconnect - has red or blue/red USB sync light flashing. I have to turn it off for serveral minutes to gain access again to the device and it has then reset to 44,1khz.

I have installed the newest firmware and it still doesn't work

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