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Want to assign FX and FX Chains to Keyboard shortcut

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asked Dec 12, 2017 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by scottwebb (180 points)
In adobe there is the ability to assign your plugins to keyboard shortcuts. Huge timesaver. no need navigating the plugin folders for our most common FX. I want to be able to assign FX chains to a shortcut key as well.

To be clear, I am concerned with clip based effects not track mixer inserts or sends.


-Highlight audio clip

-Keyboard shortcut I have created to my FX / FX chain

FX chain “compression reverb limiter” is added to highlited clip or clips


That in its own would be a time saver luxury. The bigger picture desired result is to

Have the ability to create a macro to use effects plug ins / FX Chain and render it with one keystroke.

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answered Dec 12, 2017 by niles (42,820 points)

The command Audio | Insert Event FX will do what you want and can be added to a Macro.