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It's a nightmare downloading and registering "free" plugins

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asked Dec 12, 2017 in General Feature / Product Requests by juliojesusguerrerodeschamps (170 points)
Horrible experience downloading and installing the free plugins included with Studio One and the Audiobox USB 96 interface. Each plugin needs you to create an account with each vendor, download their anti-piracy software, and then wish Studio One recognizes the plugins. You are better of just including Studio One Artist and ditch those plugins. They make up for a horrible experience and first impression of your software. It got to a point where I really was thinking to un-install Studio One just because I got fed up with the process. I stopped trying after the Eventide plugins didn't work and the Plugin Alliance **** asked for additional registration and installation of more "license manager" utilities. Not cool at all.

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answered Dec 28, 2017 by ericpeterson9 (140 points)
I agree.... NOT COOL.....Im supposed to be Recording. not goofin around with this stuff. For this reason I purchased an audiobox because mankinds promises of a perfect world never come true so I wasnt going to buy an interface And a DAW. Why pay twice as much for the frustration. I was was happy to know Studio One came with..

The delima of the Eventide plugin...

      install Eventide (assuming you have account fiasco all figured out)

     start Studio one... got to Help... click on "open settings folder" close studio One.... delete everything but extensions folder and license key.... then restart Studio One. it worked for me running Win10 on an old PC

as for the Plugin Alliance I cant find any help. I came here lookin for it

Again Presonus NOT COOL