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Studio 26 interface drops out

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asked Jan 2 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by harriesnijders1 (120 points)

I’m using ‘studio one artist’ along with the studio 26 interface to record on my mac mini which runs on High Sierra.

The following problems occur:

1. My computer is always on but goes to sleep when inactive. Often when I come back, playback won’t start. Not in Studio one and neither in Itunes. When I disconnect the interface and then reconnect it the mac it works again. I t seems to me that’s not the way it should go down.

2. It also happened a couple of times when I’m listening to music in Itunes i hear some crackling noise for a couple of seconds and then there’s no more sound however ITunes is stil playing. When I switch to the built in speaker of my mac the music continues.

I’m on the latest versions of al programs and os.

Does anybody know what’s wrong?

Kind regards

Harrie Snijders

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