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When playing a steady tone, Master meters are unstable, though audio is fine

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asked Jan 2 in Studio 192 USB 3.0 Interfaces by mikerivers1 (120 points)
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I'm helping a friend get a system set up. When setting levels and gains using a steady sine wave, he noticed that the Master meters on the front panel "bounced" by one LED in a seemingly random manner. The audio is steady and doesn't follow the bouncing meters, nor does the Main meter in Universal Control exhibit this behavior. The "bouncing meters" are frequency dependent, being stable when the input frequency is above about 1.5 kHz, and at 50 Hz, the meters "bounce" by 3 or 4 LEDs. The input meters are stable. I haven't tried it with a digital input (no convenient source) but the "bouncing output meters" behave in the same way for all four analog inputs.

I'd sure appreciate it if someone with a Studio 192 Mobile would try this. Play a steady tone - try 50 Hz or 150 Hz - and see if the Main meters are stable. I found that there are discrete frequencies in the "bouncing" range where the meters don't bounce. Sweeping slowly through the range is almost like watching a fan or a speed test disk on a turntable using a strobe light.

It sounds OK, but this isn't much of a confidence builder. Here's a short video for your listening and dancing pleasure.

Studio 192 Mobile

Serial number 16030028

Firmware DSP-V1.8-31

Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 10 (who knows what version) - two different computers

Connected through a USB 2 port, tried several ports all with the same behavior.

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