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Clicks/Pops when there's no playback from PC Audiobox iTwo

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asked Jan 3 in AudioBox Series by hunterreece (120 points)
edited Jan 8 by hunterreece
As soon as I plug the Auidobox iTwo into my PC, it starts these constant popping/clicking noises every second consistently. It only happens when there's no audio being output from my PC. Even if there's audio coming through my mics. It's not anything with the PC, because it still clicks even when my PC is muted. The pc's main power supply isn't plugged into a power strip, and I've tested it with nothing else plugged into the same outlet, no luck. The second there's any audio output from my computer, the popping stops. Windows is up to date, I have the latest drivers, and I've tried using multiple different usb cables. I can't seem to find anybody else with the same problem, but hopefully it's fixable. I've seen many people having trouble with clicking during playback, but it's the exact opposite for me.Very annoying, cannot find any solutions.

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