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SL Series III Polarity Switch on Outputs

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asked Jan 5 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by santiagoudrizar (260 points)
Hi, I just bought an SL 32R and notice that no one output can inverse the polarity, and I can't change the polarity of the subs or the front fill in large systems, this is a really important feature for me, can you tell me if you have planned to add it or can at least give it a think. Thanks for the support

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answered Jan 12 by Michael Martin (68,850 points)
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This is a feature request.

I do not see this feature being added at any time. Use case is rare and questionable, as there is no direct technique that requires this function from the mixer.

Active speakers (usually Subs) have Polarity switches. Passive systems would simply change the pin connection on the cable (or cabinet wiring).

However, as a feature request, this can be voted on. If it gets enough votes, then Developers will consider it.