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Please add the functionality that was in Studio One X to Studio One natively

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asked Jan 5 in Editing by scunacc (2,060 points)
I didn't see this being asked after searching back many pages. So, here we go.

In the light of the apparent withdrawal of Studio One X from public use, and given that its features were very useful indeed for MIDI editing, please can you add all those features to Studio One natively.


Kind regards

Derek Jones.

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answered Jan 8 by stephanforster (210 points)
Yes I would love this as well please
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answered Feb 3 by judithkuijf (470 points)
The select midi options and the chord assistant made Studio One X a very nice addition. (and the full screen option) Strange guy and strange motivation to cancel the project for public use. He wanted a user base and community for his project and (like all developers) a lot of applause. He got irritated by the people that just downloaded his stuff or had comments (also like a normal developer ;) ). It wasn't open source (too bad) from the start and he didn't want to take his software from freeware level to shareware level. Studio One X returned to be a personal project. Strange decision if you ask for public input in the first place. The software extension was mature enough to get paid like a descent plugin for Studio One. Very sad decision and hopefully PreSonus asks/pays this guy to use his excellent code.
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answered Jan 24 by pauldecesare (2,340 points)
What are those features in X that are now missing?
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answered Jan 18 by zizigulu (240 points)
This is the easiest task that Presonus can do.
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answered Mar 21 by alexandergleich (3,960 points)
Yup, please improve MIDI editing in SO!