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StudioLive 16R RCA input level is low compared to channel inputs

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asked Jan 6 in StudioLive Series III by tomeng (170 points)
I am migrating from a StudioLive 16.4.2 to a StudioLive Series III 16R rack mixer for convenience and portability.  On the new rack mixer, the RCA stereo line input level is very low on the 16R compared to other channels and compared to the RCA input on the classic board.  I play break music from an iPod using a 1/8" to RCA pair Y-cable, plugged into the 16R's RCA stereo line input.  The iPod volume is maxed.  Since the 16 R's RCA inputs are combined with channels 15 and 16, those input gains are maxed, and the channel 15 & 16 faders are maxed.  I have nothing else plugged into channels 15 and 16.  I have also tried other input sources, such as a DVD player.  Still, the RCA volume level is lower than another channel with a dynamic microphone and the gain and fader about halfway up.  What can I do to bring the RCA level up?  Am I overlooking some special control in UC-Surface?  Is there some pad that I should deactivate?

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