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No Notation Editor! So disappointed!

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asked Jan 7 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by chriswinston (190 points)
I'm so disappointed!  I was looking to Studio One to replace Sonar Platinum.  But, as a professional musician, I need all the tools to make my workflow complete and that includes a Notation editor.  Please consider adding a basic functional notation editor.  

I just installed the 30 day demo today, but will not purchase Studio One without a notation editor.

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answered Jan 7 by scoredfilms (5,060 points)

I used to argue for notation in DAWs for years. My primary focus is the orchestra, with synths and just about anything else in the mix at times (film scoring). In the end, I eventually opted to go the rewire route with Notion. To be fair, it's taken a bit to get it setup in a way that's automatic and intuitive. You have to dig into it with a very technical mindset to get there. But the end result is a notation experience I believe you'll never see in a DAW. Rewire is at least an option, and I've found it to be a great one... if configured just right.

Not sure what your exact notation needs are. But I thought I'd share my perspective it if helped.

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answered Jan 8 by jonnylipsham (3,820 points)
With Notion 6 and Studio One 3.5+ you get excellent interoperability between Studio One and Notion. In my opinion, this almost negates the need for a built in score editor.
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answered Jan 8 by mikeanaro (190 points)
Im very disappointed too, I dont need a nerdy way to set up things to finally write music for my VSTis, in Sonar you select your Instrument, how many channels, and then open the Staff Editor and you can write your inspiration, just like that.

I was considering Studio One, but if they dont make it smooth to splash your inspiration then I will use Sonar until the end of the days.
They are more than great with audio, but they need to include a Staff Editor to make it the ultimate workflow for composers, inspiration is fast, cant waste time setting things up.