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Memo/note taking (sticky note) integration

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asked Jan 9 in Look and Feel by gabrielhebert (220 points)
edited Jan 9 by gabrielhebert
It wouold be great if there was an ability to add notes (memos) to different sections of the software like for each track/bus.  I keep a notepad, however it would be better if the notes(memos) lived with the file so when opening up, you can see a little yellow (or other custom color) sticky note type thing in different spots...

would be even cooler if this was something that was somewhat adaptable.... as though you physically stuck a note (would shrink small until clicked or mouse over) on the mixer board or other places (effects/plugins/ whatever else).

this would be handy for :

when song writing, I generally make a ton of tracks with different riffs and ideas.

when editing and passing the file along to a collaborator

keeping context to your ideas (placed on the fx or channel... panning knob.. the more flexible, the more useful it can be)

hope this all makes sense


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answered Jan 11 by billmihalik (1,130 points)
Teragon Audio has a plugin called ExtraNotes that you can insert on tracks to keep notes.  I believe Melda also has one.  Would be nice to have stock on S1 though.