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Auto Chord detection from notes present in each part/instrument

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asked Jan 12 in Notion Feature Requests by aruldavidson (310 points)
It would be of immense help to a lot of users, if Notion could automatically detect chords from the notations manually entered in for all the instruments.

Usually, I arrange for string quartet and choir. I find it easier to manually compose and enter the notes for each part in Notion. Then later, to compose Piano accompaniment, I need the chords that would fit the notes present for all the part

In other software like Notation Composer, there is an option to automatically detect chords based on the notes present in each part. I think it would be extremely helpful if Notion could have this feature and it simplifies workflow for a lot of users like me

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answered Jan 17 by AlexTinsley (446,850 points)
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answered Jan 18 by gregdenson (5,200 points)
Cool idea and I'm not sure if this was implied or not, but having a list of potential chords that would work would be better. Along with the ability to hear the chord suggestions to see how the melody line would sound against that chord.