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Will we get a impact upgrade?!

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asked Jan 18 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by arielacevedo (240 points)
There’s a lot of minor improments that should have but havnt been made.  Because of their slick mpc like drum machine, Maschine and Ableton push are pretty much dominating the hiphop market .  It would be great if impact can get an upgrade to features such as better GUI, better editing, internal fx (compressor, eq, sat, transient),  better loop editing, banks (rather just 16 pads), time stretch, wav editing, midi fx (hi hat rolls, flams, ghost notes,ect) pad follows midi (on my mpk249 hitting the pads doesn’t corresponds within the plugin only via mouse) just some feature I feel the studio one community would very much appreciate!

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answered Jan 18 by matthewrymarz (370 points)
I agree with everything except a few. You can adjust transients in impact already. You can add any effect to it's output too so more internal effects isn't needed but a bandpass is. More outputs for impact too would also be great. Also the ability layer samples in one pad and have an a/b so you can compare samples easily
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answered Jan 26 by joeljossie (2,460 points)
I think the most needed upgrade has to do with layering. Velocity layering is really unintuitive and not that powerful currently. It would be great if the layers could crossfade into each other at different velocity levels. Also, non-velocity layering would be great, so one pad can play several samples at once. This would be really powerful if you could also adjust timing of the individual layers, as well as independent FX for each layer. Could be getting too complicated at that point, though.