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Studiolive 24.4.2ai not connecting to Mac

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asked Jan 25 in Ai Mixers by tylermaynard2 (140 points)
I am trying to connect a Studiolive 24.4.2ai mixer to a mac via firewire. I have downloaded the latest Universal Control 2.5 and the firmware on the mixer says SL 1.0.9194. Is this the proper firmware to go with the UC 2.5? If I check in the system profiler on the computer, it is recognizing that the Studiolive is connected via firewire, but it is not showing up as an audio device. The screen on the Universal Control is also ghosted out. I must be missing some sort of driver somewhere to make them be able to talk to one another.

In the system information on the Studiolive, it also says "No Driver-Unlinked"

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answered Jan 25 by gbam55 (250 points)
This is also a problem for the RM series
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answered Mar 8 by hgalidsfolkhgskola (160 points)

I have the same problems as you describe with firewire not communicating with my MacBook Pro.

The problem you describe: "The screen on the Universal Control is also ghosted out" I managed to solve in the mixers system menue page 5 where it says "Permissions". Check that your computer or iPad shows up in "Device" and set "Mix" to FOH and "Other" to "Ch reset". That should solve the problem since this is a network issue and not a firewire issue.

Hope it works for you, it did for me. Hopefully someone sends a sollution to the firewireproblem so I can record via firewire to Capture.