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Why should I get the new Quantum 2 over one of the Studio models?

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asked Jan 29 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by drewvocals (120 points)
So I'm getting a TLM 102 strictly for hip-hop vocals.  Also going to buy one of the Presonus units as an audio interface.

For my purpose (just vocal recording quality with one mic, no instruments), is there a reason why I should get the new Quantum 2 at $700 over Studio 6|8 at $300 or even the  Studio 2|6 USB at $200...? I don't know much much about the technical jargon...

Would the actual sound quality coming from my mic sound better with the Quantum 2 than one of the Studios, or do they have the same internal pre-amp/converter quality hardware, and the only reason why the Quantum is more expensive is due to other features that I don't need?

Just don't want to waste money if I don't need to.

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