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Improved Talkback Button Functionality (Studio 192 with in Studio One)

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asked Jan 31 in Studio One 3 Feature Requests by connorholcombe (1,140 points)
Adding the Talkback button to the mixer was a great step with the Studio 192 integration in Studio One, and adding a keyboard shortcut for the Talk Back button was even better. But two things still need to be done:

- Have the keyboard shortcut for the Talkback button function as the button itself does (momentary button for press and hold, latching when quickly pressed and released)
- An indicator if the talkback mic is on should be added to the bottom bar of Studio One so it's always visible instead of hidden away in the mixer. Currently when recording I always have to have the mixer open to make sure I don't accidentally leave the talkback mic on-- something I do often because the Talkback button always latches

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