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Have presonus discontinued the CS18 and the RM32 ...?

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asked Feb 2 in StudioLive CS18Ai by Musikken (600 points)
Egen will there be a firmware Update for CS15 and RM32 ?

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answered Feb 3 by jonnylipsham (3,620 points)
These devices are not discontinued as far as I know. You can always check via the discontinued products list on the preSonus website.
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answered Mar 2 by tymote1 (140 points)
It is suspicious - while they are not on the discontinued product list, and the website still features them with no mention of end of life - the price drop to $999 everywhere and now Sweetwater listing it (at the same price) as a "Closeout" sale sure seems to say that the channel will be drained of stock soon.