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Assign Subgroups to DCA and assign DCA to Main Fader on the Series III

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asked Feb 2 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by nickpaul (1,140 points)
Currently we use a Subgroup to feed to our subwoofers separately from the main output. We would like to be able to link the fader for the Sub group to the Main output fader so that we can use the Master fader to adjust the volume level of both the main output and the Subwoofer Sub group at the same time.

A DCA group seems like the easiest way to do this, that way the sub group can be adjusted proposantly to the main level if they are not at the same level.

2 Answers

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answered Feb 2 by nickpaul (1,140 points)
That's a good option, but would require everything we send to the main mix to be sent to the Subwoofer, there are somethings (like choir mics, cymbals, ect) that we don't want to send to the subwoofers.
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answered Feb 2 by Michael Martin (69,900 points)
You can currently create a Post Fader Matrix Mix, feed the Main Fader to it, and use the Matrix as your Sub Feed. All changes to Main Mix will follow in the Matrix.