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Will you be adding the HUI and MC modes soon? I am really excited about it.

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asked Feb 5 in StudioLive Series III by andrewdenny (140 points)
I would buy this mixer as soon as the HUI and MC modes are introduced. Your Faderport 16 already can be configured as 2 HUI devices in Pro Tools for 16 channel control. Make sure the PreSonus StudioLive 32 Series III mixer appears to pro tools as 4 HUI devices for a full 32 fader control surface. There will be nothing else like it in the market. I am ready to purchase. Honestly I have not tried Studio One yet, but the fact that the full version comes with the series III mixers, I will definitely delve into it because the integration is better than the HUI. Also Studio One will work fine with my Avid HD Native setup of 3 x HDIO's 16x16 and one HD Omni.

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answered Mar 27 by scotttroyer (420 points)
I too am curious when HUI will be implemented.